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TLPA’s “Who’s Driving You?” Campaign Releases New Video “4 Uber Myths Debunked”

This new video explores critical questions you need answers to:

  • Is “ridesharing” safe?
  • Who are these amateur UberX drivers and are they properly screened for criminal backgrounds?
  • Do they have proper insurance?
  • And what happens when inevitable accidents occur? Are riders in danger?


The following is some of the transcription from this very revealing and powerful video about the reality of Uber and focusing on revealing 4 Uber Myths:

911 Call to Orlando Police Department
September 19, 2014
11:42 pm

[Young Woman] Hi. Um. I just wanted to report that I was in an Uber earlier with a man and he physically tried to touch me and um I was in the car and he tried putting his hands down my shirt. He went off the grid and

[Dispatch] And what kind of driver was he?

[Young Woman] An Uber driver, the ride-share company.

Ryan S. @ rwsimonetti | July 8, 2014

Was just kidnapped by an Uber driver in DC, held against my will, and involved in a high speed chase across state lines with police. Crazy.

#Uber You need to be responsible. The driver driving my teenagers was intoxicated

The driver attempted to drive the wrong way down a one-way street and was also clearly stoned. No missing the smell.

Birmingham City Council

Just because you need a ride doesn’t mean you have to be abused or taken advantage of.

Dolan Law Firm

People who are riding in these cars should know that they are vulnerable.

Director, Center for Transportation Studies
University of Missouri-St. Louis

I can’t see people being allowed to offer commercial trips, without having a truly police vetted background check.

Senior Director
Property Casualty Insurer’s Assn. of America

We support innovation. We support innovation in transportation, but we do feel that in order for innovation to be supported, there needs to be clear rules about who’s providing insurance and when.

Illinois State Representative

Ultimately this is an issue of making sure that passengers are safe.

Dolan Law Firm

The whole country, the passengers included and the drivers are being kept in the dark about what really is going on with Uber and how it’s really gonna affect them.

4 Things About Uber You Wish You Never Knew by TLPA WhosDrivingYou.org

Uber is a technology company.

Insurance for UberX services keeps people safe and covered.

UberX is a ridesharing company and doesn’t need to follow taxi laws.

UberX doesn’t need regulation. Deregulation is a good thing.


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Visit the TLPA’s website on Who’s Driving You at:
www.WhosDrivingYou.org (Opens in New Window)

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